Halifax  Christadelphians

Welcome  - this is the place to find Bible Truth
خوش آمدید - اینجا مکانی برای یافتن حقیقت کتاب مقدس است

Look out for the greatest event of all time
منتظر بزرگترین رویداد تمام دوران باشید

    - Jesus Christ back on Earth as king of the World
- عیسی مسیح به عنوان پادشاه جهان به زمین بازگشت

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Christadelphians in Halifax, England

Christadelphian Hall, Balmoral Place, off Savile Road, Halifax  HX1 2BG (picture below)









You will be most welcome to come along to any of our Bible Hour.  They are held every Tuesday at 12 noon   View details here.

We also have a coffee morning every Friday from 10.30am to 11.30am.

Details of our Sunday School and Youth Groups can be found here

Our Communion Service is held at 11.45am on Sundays.  All are welcome to join, but only members can share the bread and wine.

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Contact Information

If you want to contact us, then please use the e-mail or postal address below:

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Christadelphian Hall, Balmoral Place, off Savile Road, Halifax, England  HX1 2BG


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